Gymfinity Fitness is for EVERY Child!

What is a Gymfinity EveryBody Fitness Class?

We incorporate 8 elements into each class: strength training, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, team work, character development, nutrition education and fun. Classes usually start with a warm up game, then we do a little trampoline for fun and spacial awareness -and what kid doesn't love to bounce? - We do fitness stations that focus on cardio and well as strength gain, then often end with a team game. Kids are never tested against National standards or each other: our directive is to develop the child, not in reference to a random standard but in relation to themselves. THAT is the only measure that counts.Be warned, this is not baby gymnastics or children's tumbling, it's a true workout in a gymnastics setting. Your kids will be given the opportunity to play to be fit! Doesn't that sound awesome!?

Who is the teacher?

Our staff is well versed in children's development as well as the application of exercise to meet goals and objectives. Not to mention that we specialize in making our curriculum a fun experience for kids. Not all fitness trainers are equal. Some, at the big health clubs, are excellent for adults but don't understand child development or child psychology like we do. You can't buy groceries at a shoe store and vice versa. Why would you try to get a kids fitness program at an adult fitness center?

Will my child "fit in" with EveryBody Fitness classes?

In a word: yes. Our program is open to kids by age group and since they are only tested against themselves there is no competition. Being in similar age groups allows for social development within a diverse peer group. this is a benefit, especially when working as a team.

Can you prove to me that your program works?

Our Gymfinity EveryBody Fitness program is based on scientific brain development principles. Exercise really activates the frontal cortex area of the brain. So what you see, and what you get, are people who are sharper. They’re more attentive, they’re less impulsive, and they’re less fidgety. They can sustain their attention longer, and it promotes their ability to sort through information and take it in. Translation: They are more efficient learners and thus smarter kids.

Here are some articles that help us understand the importance of physical activity:

We believe in having kids play to be fit, like we did when we were kids. Please check this link for a great resource on games to play with your kids. I'm sure you'll find some old favorites too.

We offer group, semi-private, or private lesson formats. We also offer field trip and sessions for schools, teams and other organizations of all types!

Available EveryBody Fitness Classes