Gymfinity Warrior



Just what every kid wants and needs: physical challenges using obstacle courses and Parkour style skills in combination with gymnastics skills. We add in character reinforcement with our "Word of the Week" focusing on character values that every parent loves to have reinforced in their kids: "Teamwork, Respect, Trustworthy, Responsibility, Discipline", and many other words that will set the theme for every class. 

Additional Information

  • Classes are separated by skill level and age and are available (co-ed) for kids 3-11 years old. When kids advance to a new level, they receive a new color star for their parents to iron on to their Gymfinity Warrior uniform shirt. 
    Skill Levels include: 


    • Black Star: The basic color star for the first advancement (and all 3-4 year old Warriors). The Black star welcomes new students into the first level as a real Gymfinity Warrior. 
    • Red Gymfinity Star: The next level tells us that the Gymfinity Warrior has advanced into more skill and demonstrated good character. This is called the Gymfinity Star because our Warriors  have moved into a special level, and are now representing Gymfinity.
    • Silver Steel Star: This is attained when the Gymfinity Warrior shows strength of mind, body, and character. Strong like steel!
    • Blue Ocean Star: This denotes a Gymfinity Warrior that has earned the level that is as vast and deep as the ocean. The Earth is mostly covered in water, our Warriors move like fluid, unseen and powerful.
    • Green Mountain Star: This is a peak level for our Gymfinity Warriors. They are at a new height rarely seen by the average warrior.
    • Orange Sun Star: A new light shines for these Gymfinity Warriors, the are among the best of the best.
    • Yellow Moon Star: The midnight envelops the Gymfinity Warrior, and the moon lights the way for excellence. These warriors are near the top of their game.
    • White Ghost Star: This Gymfinity Warrior is our most advanced warrior and is practically invisible to anyone else, even another warrior.  These Gymfinity Warriors demonstrate the highest level of skill as well as show good character and dedicated effort. These are the best of the best. 

Upcoming Events

06/26/2017 to 06/29/2017
07/01/2017 to 07/09/2017
07/05/2017 to 07/07/2017