Robyn Voss

Office Assistant

Robyn is a Gymfinity mom that started working in the office this fall. She grew up in Cedarburg, Wisconsin and has three siblings, including her sister Stephanie who also works at Gymfinity! Her favorite part of working at Gymfinity is seeing how excited the kids are when they come in for class!

Brianna Edmonston


Brianna started at Gymfinity in the fall of 2016. She started gymnastics when she was 3 years old. Her favorite skill to teach kids is forward rolls!

Cassie Kohrs

Office Assistant

Cassie started in the office in the Spring of 2016. She attended UW Eau Claire as a theater major with a history minor. Her favorite part of working at Gymfinity is working with kids!

Jessie Harms

Office Assistant

Jessie started at Gymfinity in the fall of 2016 and works in the front office. Jessie has a major in education and is a former English teacher. She loves to knit and crochet in her free time. Her favorite part of working at Gymfinity is being around all of the kids!

Renee Hammond

Office Assistant

Renee has been part of the Office staff at Gymfinity since spring 2010. She has two daughters, Sophie and Olivia, who are Gymfinity gymnasts. Renee has degrees in Poli-Sci and History from UW-Madison as well as a Paralegal certificate. Renee chose Gymfinity for herself and her daughters due to the great coaches, caring staff, and

Jen Bennehoff

Office Assistant

Jen is a team mom. She spent so much time here at Gymfinity that we put her on the staff! She is a school teacher and loves to sew in her spare time. Jen is also our Gymfinity & Beyond Team Booster Club Treasurer.

Jamie Feye


Jamie started at Gymfinity in the fall of 2015. She has a degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education from Viterbo University and loves working with kids and being around gymnastics.

Lanie Butler


Lanie has been on Gymfinity’s Trampoline & Tumbling team for many years and joined our staff in the summer of 2016. She loves working with kids and helping them achieve new skills!

Natalie Ganshert


Natalie started on the Gymfinity Trampoline & Tumbling Team back in 2002 and joined our staff as a Junior coach in 2012. She loves coaching and does a great job with all of the kids at Gymfinity, whether they’re beginners or advanced.

Stella Fedele


Stella started coaching in the spring of 2016. She is a former Gymfinity Optional gymnast. Her favorite part of working here at the gym is the rewarding feeling from a child getting a skill.