Gymfinity started as a gymnastics only club but has EVOLVED into the multi-sport venue we have today. We started our program in 1999 as a home for competitive gymnastics. Since then we have refined and revised our programs every year under our personal philosophy of Constant and Never Ending Improvement.

We must be doing it right since Wisconsin has again chosen Gymfinity as one of the top clubs in the state for children’s gymnastics classes, competitive gymnastics and over-all gyms in Madison Wisconsin. We believe that children in our program have an opportunity to learn physically, mentally, emotionally and socially at every developmental step in gymnastics.

At Gymfinity “Teaching Kids To Reach New Heights” isn’t just something we say; it’s our reason for being.

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What People Are Saying…

Gymfinity’s compulsory program received one of the highest praises it could at the WCGC meet today.  Todd and I were exchanging pleasantries with the father from another gym when he asked which team our daughter was with.  After we told him, he stated that Gymfinity is a good gym that’s “doing it right.”  At a meet last year, his daughter was competing “neck-in-neck” with two Gymfinity gymnasts and yet the Gymfinity gymnasts were cheering his daughter on, too. In addition, when one of the Gymfinity gymnasts fell on one of her events, he noted that her coach was really supportive and uplifting. In short, he was impressed by our team’s sportsmanship and general attitude.  This unsolicited praise of our daughter’s team and coaches was the highlight of the night for us.  Congratulations!

Linda S.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for coaching the girls. Logan was crying after school because she forgot her login for her online math book. The minute she got into the gym she was smiling. I really appreciate the balance between working hard, setting goals and having positive attitude. We are grateful to have you at Gymfinity coaching Lo.

Laura C.

I love the variety of equipment, the character education incorporated into lessons AND how clean it is!

Kristin K.

My son had his Birthday at Gymfinity and it was NON-STOP FUN! The teacher/host was so energetic and helpful. Thanks Gymfinity!

Rosemary B.

The staff is friendly, courteous and hardworking. They really get to know your children and that care shows.

Barbara R. (3 kids in program)

I have 3 kids involved in your programs and I can’t be happier. Coming from a small town and having been exposed to “other” programs, Gymfinity isn’t even in the same ballpark because the skills are so much stronger. My two year old, Madeline, gets so excited even driving in that direction, when we head to Target, she keeps saying “nastics, Mommy?” When we pull in the parking lot on Thursdays it’s “I so happy, Mommy, I going nastics”. Keep up the amazing work-it makes a huge difference in our lives!


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