Water the Tree not the Apple

Gymfinity State Championship

And that is why I have instructed my coaching staff to double down on those lessons in the next year. I asked them to challenge the kids, push them, hug them, give them both high fives and the occasional “look”, (parent’s know the “look”, it says straighten up and get going without ever making a sound) . My direction to the coaches has been to Water the Tree and not the Apple. To pay attention to what creates long term success not just a great season.

How sharper than a serpents tooth it is to have a thankless child

Gymfinity Family hands

One of the biggest hot topics in the business world, at least my part of it, is about setting an “attitude of gratitude” in the workplace. I have long been a believer in this focus not only at Gymfinity but in my house and with my teams. The culture that this perspective sets will be one of success and happiness and keep your mind in tune with just how fortunate we all are and that we have a lot to be thankful for. In King Lear Shakespeare says “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.” So here are a few thoughts on gratitude to help us avoid the serpent’s tooth.

The winning side of failing

If we compare ourselves to a standard or even an expectation we may hold, when we fail it shows us a pretty clear picture of where we need improvement in order to redefine the outcome to succeed. Without an occasional evaluation of our progress or our performance we could be completely in the dark about how adept we are.

Help me understand kids in this digital age

Gymfinity Baby Laptop

I am at a loss. I think I struggle with something that we are all facing, and I would love input on ideas that work for you and your family. I’m talking about our kids being held captive by their electronics.
All electronics have negative side-effects. For all of the functionality the provide, they also provide dysfunction in the form of distraction and a place to hide from reality. For all of the information they can give to us, they also allow access to the largest collection of stupidity ever assembled, I’m looking at you YouTube.

He said, “I don’t care what you say. You CANNOT motivate people.”

Muscles in Rockets Gymfinity Gymnastics

If I couldn’t motivate my gymnasts or staff, what was I doing? Since then I have refined my thinking and I see the wisdom in his statement. It’s true I cannot motivate anyone, and neither can you. Motivation does exist, but its only produced and utilized by an individual for themselves.

By comparison

Keep in mind that you are the one that defines success. So, making the comparison to someone else’s concept will never get you there. The investment of your time, your mind, and your own work will always payout. After all, if they did it, and they’re not so special, then so can you; on your terms, in your way, in your time.