Guest Post: Ruby’s Rules for Nutrition

Gymfinity Ruby

This post was written by Coach Ruby Carpenter, an Xcel coach here at Gymfinity. Ruby also competed as a gymnast and grew up here at Gymfinity. She is now a student at UW Madison and studies Community and Non-Profit Leadership. Ruby is high on my list of respected people and when we talked about doing

simple food facts for you.

Sometimes I go off on a tangent on this blog. This is one of those times. I have read many articles on food and food science recently and compiled a bit of what I learned. Here are 10 (people loves numbered lists) food truths that you might not know, I even sited some research to

Glory for the Effort

Our society has been extraordinary at giving people who have worked at nothing huge amounts of notoriety. Think of how many names were made famous for no reason at all; Paris Hilton, Omorosa, anyone from the Bachelor, or any member of the Kardashian family. Why do I know their names?I would have no problem if

Confidence is created. And it’s easy

The gymnast steps onto the floor to salute the judge to indicate being ready to show their routine. The judge makes eye contact and raises his own hand to signify that the panel is ready to watch. A crowd of over 1000 people anxiously watch too. In the crowd, the gymnast’s Mom, and she is

What Makes A Good Coach?

What does it take to truly be a good coach? Well, I don’t want to be like the masked magician and the TV show “Magic’s Mysteries Unveiled” who spoiled magic for me by telling us the way magicians perform tricks, but there isn’t much mystery to be a good coach. Ask any coach and they’ll

Are you cut out to be a Team Leader?

Here is a little assessment for the athletes out there, but it’s also for anyone who works with a group of people. If you feel you have potential to be a good team leader you should be able to identify with each of the following 10 paragraphs. Give yourself a point for each one that

From “Can’t” to “Can” & the story of how she got there.

Special guest post by Gymfinity Pre-School Department Leader Danielle Flaten I would like to share a story about a wonderful little girl who inspired me. I have a 4-year-old girl in one of my Gym-Tykes classes who was born premature. She was brought into this world 8 months early. Yes, that is a 2-month-old baby! Every

I (still) Stand by Gymnastics

This is a difficult time for gymnastics. It’s a time that needs to happen and is overdue, but still difficult. In the last few years, gymnastics has taken a black-eye with an Olympic coach being found guilty of owning child pornography, a national team doctor being found guilty of the same, but accused of much