Field Trips


Gymfinity is a perfect place to expose young children to their own potential. We know that Gymnastics and Trampoline can provide a base vehicle for learning through experience, the spatial awareness and motor skill development that forms a basis for all other sports, and at Gymfinity it is all fun!

Each field trip is tailored to the age and make-up of its participants in order to help each child flourish in this positively impacting experience.

What your group gets:

  • 11,000+ square feet of solid fun
  • An organized and directed event, working with our talented and fun-loving crew
  • A weather-proof outing in a heated/air conditioned and clean gym
  • The BIG POPPA Gym-flatable Obstacle Course
  • A giant, loose foam pit
  • (Safer) In-the-ground trampolines
  • A “CRAZI” obstacle course
  • Our new rock wall

Prices are based on the format (either Structured play or Open Play) and the number of children attending.

1 hour of structured play:
Structured field trips include visits to four stations:
the foam pit, trampolines, obstacle course,
and blow-up inflatable “Big Poppa!”

10-15 kids    (1 coach)   $9 per child
16-30 kids (2 coaches) $8 per child
31-45 kids (3 coaches) $7 per child
46-60 kids (4 coaches) $6 per child

1 hour of open play:
Open Gym field trips are free play on most of the equipment,
with a few restrictions for safety.
          (and does not include “Big Poppa,” our inflatable.)

10-15 kids (1 coach) $9.25 per child
16-30 kids (1 coach) $8.25 per child

Many of our field trip groups have returned year after year and it’s often mentioned as the favorite field trip of the year for most schools. Book yours today! 

For questions, booking, and availability, e-mail: