Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, please watch this 5 minute video to help you understand some important considerations when choosing an activity provider for your child.

  1. How do we enroll?
  2. Why does Gymfinity claim to be Madison’s cleanest gym?
  3. Could classes be cancelled for bad weather?
  4. How do we sign up for Birthday Parties?
  5. When do you have open play times?
  6. What is a PNO?
  7. When does the next session start?
  8. Can we have a trial class?
  9. What will my child gain from being in Gymfinity’s program?
  10. What do I do if my child asks, “Can I take gymnastics class”?
  11. Are there character benefits to enrolling in Gymfinity?
  12. Why should I consider Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling or Fitness at Gymfinity for my child?
    Is Trampoline safe?

How do we enroll?

There are two ways. The first way is through online registration. Click on the “Schedule and Registration” menu link on the main page, choose “New Client Registration,” and follow the easy steps there.  Our online registration availability is reflected in real time, so if the class time and day you are looking for does not appear on the list, that means the class is full. At the end of the process you will be given a Registration Receipt. The other way to register is to stop in and fill out the necessary forms. Our helpful and friendly office staff will guide you through finding and registering for the perfect class for your young athlete.

Why does Gymfinity claim to be Madison’s cleanest gym?

Because we are. We hear from our families that have been to other area programs about how much better we are in terms of providing a cleaner and healthier atmosphere for your children. That’s not news to us (but we do love the compliment). We spend a lot of time cleaning our gym and lobby. Mats and activity surfaces are sanitized each week. Floors are made safe for bare feet and the air is filtered and cleaned for healthy breathing.  You won’t find any dust bunnies lurking at our place. We take the health and comfort of our families pretty seriously. You would expect that from someone in our position, wouldn’t you?

Could classes be cancelled for bad weather?

Inclement weather closings coincide with the Madison School District; if they close for a full day, so will Gymfinity. Make-ups for inclement weather closing will be given at Gymfinity discretion.  In the event of inclement weather on a weekend, closures will be at Gymfinity discretion. Families will be notified via email, VIP text club and Facebook of all gym closures.

How do we sign up for Birthday Parties?

Simply call the gym a few weeks prior to your selected date and we can talk you through the process over the phone. Remember, you will need to pay a deposit to finalize the party, so be sure to have a credit card ready. Once the party is reserved, we will send you an email with a link to the party contract and invitations. For more information on Birthday Parties click here, or choose Birthday Parties under the GymCRAZIum Events box or Special Events menu on the home page.

When do you have open play times?

Gymfinity prides itself on being an instructional program, therefore we have limited open play times, and priority is given to offering our classes. Times are scheduled for different age groups to be sure that little ones aren’t intimidated by big kids and the bigger kids are not stumbling over the babies. Numbers admitted are limited to be sure there is room for the kids to play and play safely. For a list of our open play times, please click here, or choose Open Gym from the GymCRAZIum Events menu on the home page.

What is a PNO?

Parent’s Night Out (PNO) is a time when you can leave the kids (independently potty trained to 12 years old) with us. We’ll provide dinner, games and supervised play from 4:30pm to 9:30pm. Take in a movie, go out to dinner, or stay home and chill; you deserve a break. Click here, or see PNO information under the GymCRAZIum Events tab on the home page.

When does the next session start?

Here at Gymfinity, we run our programs on a month to month basis. We have found that families look for flexibility in their schedules. By going month to month we won’t tie you up with long and restricting sessions and contracts. It also gives us an opportunity to prove ourselves every 30 days; if you don’t think we are doing what we promised, you can withdraw. We look forward to stepping up to and exceeding your expectations. Lastly, the month to month programs allow you to better budget for tuition without getting a “surprise” larger payment all at once. We actually surveyed our families to see if a monthly program was favored, we listened to you and we did what you asked…. You’re welcome.

Can we have a trial class?

No. Well, sort of. Gymfinity offers a 100% money back guarantee for the first two weeks of your enrollment. If you’re not satisified for any reason, you will get your money refunded, no hard feelings. We believe so strongly in our classes and our teachers that we’re pretty sure your child will love their expereince. We don’t believe in keeping your money if we cannot provide what you are looking for in classes, teams, or other programs.

What will my child gain from being in Gymfinity’s program?

Gymnastics provides children with the skills they need to participate in later sports. Many children who begin with tumbling and gymnastic programs grow up to compete in other sports such as football, dance, cheer, swimming, soccer, or baseball. A good gymnastics program will teach children agility, coordination, and a strong sense of body awareness, as well as provide them with esteem building opportunities and growth. The most important benefit a child will gain from a Gymfinity program, however, is having fun & lots of it!
Other benefits include:

  • Flexibility
  • Muscle endurance
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Cognitive understanding of skill and motion
  • Social development of teamwork while maintaining individual goals
  • Focus

What do I do if my child asks, “Can I take gymnastics class”?

This one is simple. The answer is “yes.” But only if you want your kids to learn to be respectful, develop concentration skills, develop self confidence, self esteem and self discipline. If you want them to be able to think independently but also be a team player, become physically fit with better balance and agility, then gymnastics classes are for them.

Are there character benefits to enrolling in Gymfinity?

At Gymfinity we incorporate the 6 pillars of Character (as designed by CharacterCounts!): Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and good Citizenship (T.R.R.F.C.C.) We use these secular and apolitical values in hiring and training staff, teaching and modeling behavior with students, and as values in business operation. Though we do not “lecture” the kids with overt character lessons in class, we do follow the T*E*A*M (Teach-Enforce-Advocate and Model) strategy during classes.

Why should I consider Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling or Fitness at Gymfinity for my child?

Gymnastics and T&T activities are a great foundation for kids to establish strong movement patterns. Like the way we learn letters before reading, or numbers before adding, movement patterns develop into sport skills and physical skills that give children a leg up on healthy activities that will last their whole life.  Not to mention that physical activity assists in cognitive development as well. The Greek philosophers had it right when they to train for a “sound mind in a sound body,” as it’s the equal balance of one that allows the other to grow and strengthen.

Why Trampoline?

There are many benefits to be gained from doing trampoline. Post-WWII Americans (trampoline was developed by an American: George Nissan, 1914-2010) learned that jumping on trampolines not only makes for a very fun activity, but also helps in making the body healthier and more fit. With a number of different research efforts, it has been established that jumping on trampolines does in fact help improve health. What else can trampolines provide?

  • Trampoline helps improve blood flow within the body.
  • Lymphatic circulation is improved.
  • Every muscle of the body is moved and exercised, making it a great overall exercise.
  • Spatial awareness is improved making children more efficient in movement both in the air and on the ground
  • Joints are also exercised whenever you jump on trampolines, giving us stronger, healthier bodies.
  • It has been found through numerous research efforts that trampoline exercises help delay the inevitable and rapid aging process. Not just because bouncing makes us feel like a kid.
  • Trampoline exercises also help prevent obesity. (No kidding).
  • Above all, trampoline exercises are fun to do!

Is Trampoline safe?

No. In the last few years, trampolines have been very popular because parents and kids see the equipment as a fun outdoor tool. Jumping and rebounding on trampolines can be great fun as well as a fantastic form of exercise but…. many times, children haven’t learned the safety skills that are so important in bouncing on a tramp. We have seen trampolines set up close to buildings, trees or large dangerous “things” that could make a trampoline fall turn deadly. We have seen trampolines placed on inclined ground, rough ground or even concrete. This again is extremely unsafe, and it is important to use sound judgment when buying, building, placing and utilizing a trampoline. If your child will be bouncing on a trampoline in your yard, we encourage you to sign them up for a class. At Gymfinity, we will teach them how to safely stop and teach them acceptable bounces and behavior on the trampoline. Like all things, adult supervision and wisdom is essential to a home trampoline. Here are a few other tips regarding trampoline use at home:

Declare to your insurance carrier that you have a backyard trampoline; an accident could lead to the unfortunate and untimely discovery that you are “uncovered”.

Do something to prevent use of the trampoline when you are not home. Just like a swimming pool, the law defines trampolines as an “attractive nuisance.” That makes YOU liable when someone hops your fence (you have a fence right?) to use your tramp.

Your child will not inherently develop good skill and technique. When skills are performed without technique they can become less controlled and therefore more dangerous. In 2012, The American Pediatric Association stated that any activity done on a trampoline should be done in a gym that teaches the activities under an instructor that can supervise the safety and development of the child. “Trampoline Safety in Childhood and Adolescence,” in the October 2012 Pediatrics (published online Sept. 24), – See more at:

Trampolines get old. Springs stretch out and can fracture and leave sharp ends. Trampoline beds can become worn and slippery and frames can rust and become unstable. If you do have a backyard trampoline, be sure to inspect your equipment frequently and always after winter.