Rarely Asked Questions

These are questions that most parents are thinking, but rarely ask. We try to provide you with all the information you need to make a good decision about your children’s activities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we forgot anything here or anywhere on our site.

  1. Are these activities safe for my kids?
  2. How can I be sure these teachers are “ok” to work with my child?
  3. At what skill level will my child start, and at what level and age group will they compete?
  4. What if my child doesn’t have a competitive spirit?
  5. Will my child get to the Olympics?
  6. Is there a scholarship program at Gymfinity?

Are these activities safe for my kids?

Gymfinity’s owner, J Orkowski, was the USA-Gymnastics Safety Educator for Wisconsin for over 10 years (until the system went to an online education program). As an educator, J was responsible for training all of the coaches in Wisconsin (as well as northern Illinois and Minnesota) in safely teaching and coaching kids in gymnastics. You can bet that he runs a tight ship when it comes to his own program here at Gymfinity. There are strict standards to which all staff and programs must comply and every teacher is required to attend a safety training annually. There is no other club, that we know of, that has such stringent safety requirements for their staff. With that said, Gymfinity takes every precaution to provide a safe environment and teaching stations but no program can be 100% free from accidents. We do want you to rest assured that your kids are in good hands.

How can I be sure these teachers are “ok” to work with my child?

Gymfinity’s staff is very trustworthy and professional. Gymfinity prides itself on providing a thoroughly trained staff that is qualified to work with your children. Staff training and education is not an option for our crew; each instructor is required to earn educational credits each quarter to maintain their teaching status. The training and qualifying starts way before that, though. Each applicant is given a national background check before being hired. After hiring, training extends through the first year, regardless of incoming experience, to guarantee that every teacher understands Gymfinity’s progressive program and curriculum. All staff, including the owners, are evaluated annually to maintain a quality that exceeds the standard; that’s what you deserve for your family and you should accept nothing less.

At what skill level will my child start, and at what level and age group will they compete?

Whoa! Gymnastics and trampoline & tumbling are amazing activities and sports and we LOVE our competitive programs but competitive gymnastics, trampoline, and tumbling is not for everyone. When kids start in the preschool program they all start at age appropriate skill levels. If we deem a child as having potential for the team training program we will come to find you, the parents, and have that discussion at that time.

Just like USA-Gymnastics (the governing body of gymnastics in the US), Gymfinity has levels of development. Our developmental gymnastics and trampoline/tumbling curricula follow progressions to allow constructive challenges and ample growth for every child. We assess kids when they enter the program to be sure they are at a level/class that not only will provide that challenge, but will provide success as well. There is a team track separate from the developmental programs; if your child is ready for it, we will be in touch.

What if my child doesn’t have a competitive spirit?

Gymfinity was never meant to be a program for competition gymnasts only. We have top rated developmental programs in gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling. Our EveryBody Kids Fitness program is – literally- for everybody, or every body. Our love of children and belief that kids need to be fit is the foundation for all of our programs. Gymnastics and trampoline are great vehicles for kids to be healthy and competent at movement but may not be a competitive outlet for every child, and that’s OK.

Will my child get to the Olympics?

Well, anyone can buy a ticket to see the games, but the real answer is “probably not.” The gymnasts that we see on television once every 4 years are “elite” gymnasts. The Olympics are a great dream, but not a very realistic goal. Though we do train athletes at very high levels of competition, we set our sights on surpassing perceived individual potential. If that means national or international competition then so be it, but in most cases it means a (very realistic) goal of college scholarship, good healthy participation, and years of fun.

Is there a scholarship program at Gymfinity?

Yes. For consideration of a scholarship placement we require: A letter from the parents of the child, requesting consideration, a brief description of why a scholarship is needed over regular participation (statement of financial need) and a letter from a non-relative, usually a teacher, that attests to the child’s involvement and interest in gymnastics or fitness. At this point, the request goes before our board of directors and consideration is given. Scholarships may be a percentage off of regular tuition or a grant of a specific amount. Often a request is made to the parents of the child applying to compensate for the grant by providing service to Gymfinity in terms of cleaning, light office work, or trade of service.