Schedule & Registration

A brief HOW TO on Online Account Management:

First time Portal Login:  Go to  Under the “Schedules and Registration” menu click on “Existing Client Log In.”  Enter the email address that you have on file with Gymfinity, then click on “I don’t have or I don’t know my password.”  You will be directed through the password reset process.  Login with the temporary password.  Once you login, you will be able to set a permanent password through the portal.

Menu Navigation:  Use the “I want to” drop down menu at the top of the page to navigate through the portal.  The following options are included in this drop down menu.

Change my password: Update your online portal password.

Add a new student: Use this link to add a previously unregistered siblings.

Drop student request: Send a request to the Gymfinity office to withdraw from the program.  Gymfinity does require an official withdrawal form to be filled out by the 20th of the current month to withdraw for the upcoming month.

Contact staff/send email: Send the Gymfinity office a general message. Messages to coaches will be forwarded to them from the office.

Make a payment: Pay the balance on the account with a credit card.

Register for a class/camp: Register for the current sessions classes or camps.

Update my account: Choose automatic payment withdrawal on the 21st or 2nd of each month.

View my current schedule: See classes/camps that you are enrolled in.

View fees and payments: View all fees and payments on your account.

Add student to wait list: Select the class you would like to enroll in.  Gymfinity will try and get your child into the desired class as soon as possible depending on staff availability and gym space.

General Inquiry: Send the Gymfinity office a general message.

Tab Navigation:  Navigate through each of these tabs to make changes to your account. The following options are available under each tab:

My Account: Change your user ID & password, update address, emergency contact info., set automatic payment preferences, and update credit card information.

Fees & Payments: View recent transactions on the account and make a payment.

Contacts: Update email, phone numbers and addresses on the account.

My Students: View current enrollment for each child, update students and add siblings.

My Classes:  View current enrollment and future enrollment for each student.

Registration: Register for a class.  Once you submit your online registration, Gymfinity will review your registration, make any tuition adjustments and add membership fees.  You will receive a statement in your email of the charges and your credit card will be charged.

To set up AUTOMATIC PAYMENT through the online system:

1. Login to the portal using the steps above.  Click on the “My Account” tab.

2.  Select E-Payment Schedule: “21st of the month, 2nd of the month”

3.  Your credit card will be charged on the 21st of the month for the next month’s tuition or the 2nd of the month for the current month’s tuition before the late fee is assessed. Your card will be charged until you withdraw from the program, the session ends or you change your settings from the portal.