J. Orkowski

Owner, CEO, Program Director, Team Department Leader, & Coach

J has enjoyed international competition as a gymnast and has coached around the country in various gyms, camps and programs since 1980. J opened Gymfinity in 1999. He was the Safety Educator of Wisconsin for USA Gymnastics for over 10 years, sits on the board for Gold Medal Standard Clubs of Character Education, and was a member of the the Wisconsin State Board for USA Gymnastics for 6 years. He is the Vice President of the Wisconsin Gymnastics Club Owners Association, owns 2 other companies that orbit the Gymfinity universe, and is often a featured presenter at gymnastics seminars. J has been a business consultant with 3rd Level Consulting since 2008, advising business owners in the children’s activity industry on growth and best practices. Most notably, he is the proud dad of his BEST 2 projects; Owen (2004) and Emmett (2008).


Stephanie Orkowski

Owner, CFO, T&T Department Leader, & Coach

A gymnast since the age of 6, Stephanie grew up in Missouri loving gymnastics, but never imagined she would make a career of it. Although her education is in science, and she also has worked as a financial planner; she finds running a gym a good place to use all of her knowledge. Stephanie has been certified by USA-Gymnastics and is a frequent attendee to the USA Gymnastics National Congress and other sport and business seminars. She is an experienced coach/instructor for kids ages 2 to 18, though the best experience is being a mom to her boys Owen and Emmett.


Alcey Morenz

Program Manager, Gymnastics Department Leader, & Coach

Alcey started gymnastics in Michigan at the age of 6. She began coaching at 13 and joined the Gymfinity staff in September 2001 when she moved to Madison for college. She has coached everything from tykes to team and currently works with the Level 5 and Optional teams. She is certified through USA gymnastics and has attended numerous regional and national coaching congresses. Alcey has a degree in psychology from Edgewood College. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband, Ryan, and sons, Cal (2013) and Cyrus (2016).


Stephanie Christensen

Human Resources Manager & Executive Assistant

Stephanie started as our Events Director at Gymfinity in the Fall of 2015 and has recently decided to take on the role as our Human Resources Director! She is an alumni of UW Madison and was a trainer and coach for credit union managers and staff. She is a mom of twins and her favorite part of working at at the gym is watching gymnastics!


Lauren Miller

Marketing Manager & GymCRAZIum Leader

Lauren started with Gymfinity in December of 2016. Lauren is an alumni of UW-Milwaukee where she studied Music and Journalism. She brings to Gymfinity an extensive background in marketing and events. Being surrounded by all of the talented, passionate kids is her favorite part about working at Gymfinity!

Mary Zweifel

Pro-Shop Manager

Danielle Flaten

Gym-Tykes Department Leader & Teacher

Danielle started at Gymfinity in the fall of 2015. Outside of working at Gymfinity, she works as a personal trainer and nutrition coach! She is originally from Westminster, Colorado, but now lives in Waunakee with her husband and 3 daughters, one which is a gymnast here. She loves the fun environment at Gymfinity and watching all the cute little kids work on their skills.


Kaitlin Liebhold

Team Manager & Coach

Kaitlin, a former team gymnast of J’s, began gymnastics at age 2 and has been passionate about the sport ever since! After an injury ended her gymnastics career, she took up diving and competed Division 1 for the Badgers while earning her degree in Marketing. Kaitlin has 2 years of coaching experience at TAGS in Minnesota, working mainly with levels 5-6 and the training team. She is USAG certified and has attended National and Regional Congresses. Her favorite part about coaching is the joy she gets from helping kids achieve their goals, as well as teaching valuable life lessons that will last long after they have left the sport.

Lisa Nondorf

Team/Staff Training Manager, Team Coach, & Teacher

Lisa is a team coach and also teaches Trampoline & Tumbling and Preschool Gymnastics. She is a certified personal trainer and has been coaching all level of gymnastics for 20 years! She loves the outdoors, runs obstacle courses professionally, and was a collegiate and professional diver. Her favorite part of working here is the family feeling of the gym and her favorite skill to teach is giants on bars.


Rachael Hauser

Xcel Team Manager

Rachael is a former gymnast of J’s who came to work for Gymfinity in February of 2011. She coaches Developmental Gymnastics, Trampoline & Tumbling, Xcel, High School, and Level 4 Team for Gymfinity. Rachael also coaches the Verona / Madison / Edgewood High School Gymnastics team. Rachael has a degree in Information Technology Infrastructures from UW-Whitewater. Outside of work, Rachael crews for a Rally team and enjoys photography.

Makayla Anderson

Team Coach

Makayla is a Level 7 team gymnast here at Gymfinity and started as an instructor in 2014. She currently attends Oregon High School where her favorite subject is Spanish and she loves to travel! Her favorite part of working at the gym is seeing kids reach their goals and her favorite skills to teach are kips and backhand springs.

Kerri Brunk

Devo, Tykes, & Office

Lanie Butler

Lanie Butler

Devo, T&T, & Tykes

Lanie has been on Gymfinity’s Trampoline & Tumbling team for many years and joined our staff in the summer of 2016. She loves working with kids and helping them achieve new skills!

Gymfinity Ruby

Ruby Carpenter

Devo & Excel Team Coach

Ruby is a former Gymfinity gymnast and started as an instructor and Xcel team coach this summer. She is currently studying Community & Non-Profit Leadership at UW-Madison. Her favorite part of her job is seeing kids challenge themselves to achieve new skills. Her favorite skill to teach is anything on bars.

Alejandro Chavez

Events, GymWarrior, Summer Camp, & Tykes

Danny Chavez

Events, Summer Camp, & Tykes

Blake Cushman

GymWarrior, Events, Summer Camp

Heidi Droster

Heidi Droster

T&T & Tykes

Brianna Edmonston


Brianna started at Gymfinity in the fall of 2016. She started gymnastics when she was 3 years old. Her favorite skill to teach kids is forward rolls!

Mallory Emerson

Devo, Events, Team Coach, Summer Camp, & Tykes

Mallory started with Gymfinity in the summer of 2016. She has been a competitive cheerleader since she was 6 years old, and wanted to bring her knowledge of tumbling and gymnastics into coaching! She loves teaching kids new things and seeing their excitement when they get a new skill!

Stella Fedele

Devo, Team Coach, & Excel Coach

Stella started coaching in the spring of 2016. She is a former Gymfinity Optional gymnast. Her favorite part of working here at the gym is the rewarding feeling from a child getting a skill.

Alissa Fischer


Angeline Flogel


Rylie Gramann

Rylie Gramann

Devo & Events

Rylie started gymnastics at Gymfinity at 3 years old! She became a coach in the Spring of 2016. She loves teaching anything on the floor and seeing the kids smiling faces!

Renee Hammond


Renee has been part of the Office staff at Gymfinity since spring 2010. She has two daughters, Sophie and Olivia, who are Gymfinity gymnasts. Renee has degrees in Poli-Sci and History from UW-Madison as well as a Paralegal certificate. Renee chose Gymfinity for herself and her daughters due to the great coaches, caring staff, and clean facility. Her hobbies include gardening, decorating, painting, camping, and canoeing.

Sophie Hammond


Beni Hess


Ellie Jordan

Ellie Jordan

Devo & Events

Ellie started with Gymfinity in the Fall of 2016. She is currently an optional gymnast at Gymfinity. Her favorite part of working at Gymfinity is seeing the kids make progress.


Kerilyn Kaili

Devo, Tykes, & Excel Coach

Kerilyn started coaching at Gymfinity in the summer of 2015. She is originally from PA where she was a competitive gymnast and later a Track and Field athlete in college. Gymnastics was always a big part of her life, and she enjoys sharing this love and passion with others. Outside of the gym, Kerilyn teaches students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing and enjoys spending time with her dog.

Tori Kildow

Devo, Tykes & Training Team

Hannah King

Team Coach

Kacey Mortenson

Kacey Mortenson

Devo & Events

Kacey started coaching here in the fall of 2015 and is also a level 10 team gymnast! She attends Oregon High School and her favorite skill to teach is a back handspring!

Ava Murphy

Ava Murphy

Devo & Events

Ava started as a junior coach in the spring of 2016 and is a level 9 team gymnast here at Gymfinity. She attends Oregon High School and lives in Oregon with her mom Melissa, dad Dan, and two sisters Josslyn and Isabella. She has two cats and two dogs, her favorite food is grilled cheese, and her favorite part of working at Gymfinity is when she teaches a skill and a kid gets it right and they are so excited!

Maddie Nedelcoff

Maddie Nedelcoff

Devo & Events

Maddie started at Gymfinity in the Fall of 2016. She is currently at gymnast a Gymfinity on our Optional team. She loves that she gets to work with kids that love the same sport that she does!


Scott Nilles

Excel Coach

Scott started at Gymfinity in 2003 as a “tumbling for martial arts” instructor and developed into a great teacher and coach. Scott has led members of the Trampoline & Tumbling Team to National Championships. Originally from Madison, Scott is a big sports fan and has actually worked at Disney World!

Jacob Pye

Devo, Events, GymWarrior, & T&T

Jacob started with Gymfinity in the Winter of 2016. He was born and raised in Australia! He is currently a Gymfinity Warriors instructor and also works in Events! His favorite skill to teach is a front flip!

Kelly Quirt

Kelly Quirt


Kelly started at Gymfinity in the fall of 2016 and is one of our Preschool program instructors. She grew up in Michigan, but now lives in Verona with her two daughters. She loves working with the families and kids at Gymfinity and her favorite skills to teach are any on the obstacle course!

Tracey Rosenfeld

Team Coach & Tykes

Tracey comes from Canada originally but more recently from Pennsylvania where she coached at Penn State. She has been with us since 2007 and has two daughters, one who is on the team here at Gymfinity. Tracey is a vital part of Woodward Gymnastics Camp (A HUGE Camp in PA) during the summers but always returns to Gymfinity in the fall. Tracey loves teaching kids of all ages; watching them succeed and gain confidence in themselves are her job highlights.

Addie Schipper

Devo & Events

Addie is a Level 10 team gymnast here at Gymfinity and started as an instructor in 2014. She currently attends Oregon High School. Her favorite part of working at the gym is meeting new kids and she her favorite skills to teach are any skills on bars!

Trevor Sisson


Maddie Sowinski


Grayce Tilley

Devo & Excel

Katy Zweifel

Office & Tykes