J. Orkowski

Owner, CEO, Program Director, Team Department Leader, & Coach

J has enjoyed international competition as a gymnast and has coached around the country in various gyms, camps and programs since 1980. J opened Gymfinity in 1999. He was the Safety Educator of Wisconsin for USA Gymnastics for over 10 years, sits on the board for Gold Medal Standard Clubs of Character Education, and was a member of the the Wisconsin State Board for USA Gymnastics for 6 years. He is the Vice President of the Wisconsin Gymnastics Club Owners Association, owns 2 other companies that orbit the Gymfinity universe, and is often a featured presenter at gymnastics seminars. J has been a business consultant with 3rd Level Consulting since 2008, advising business owners in the children’s activity industry on growth and best practices. Most notably, he is the proud dad of his BEST 2 projects; Owen (2004) and Emmett (2008).


Stephanie Orkowski

Owner, CFO, T&T Department Leader, & Coach

A gymnast since the age of 6, Stephanie grew up in Missouri loving gymnastics, but never imagined she would make a career of it. Although her education is in science, and she also has worked as a financial planner; she finds running a gym a good place to use all of her knowledge. Stephanie has been certified by USA-Gymnastics and is a frequent attendee to the USA Gymnastics National Congress and other sport and business seminars. She is an experienced coach/instructor for kids ages 2 to 18, though the best experience is being a mom to her boys Owen and Emmett.

Alcey Morenz

Program Manager, Gymnastics Department Leader, Team Coach


Stephanie Christensen

Human Resources Manager & Executive Assistant


Lauren Miller

Marketing Manager & GymCRAZIum Leader

Tiffany Kramer

Preschool Director, Xcel coach, Special pops

Trevor Sisson

Trampoline & Tumbling Team Department Leader

Tammy Fish

Office Department Leader

Emily Wynn

Office Manager

Mary Zweifel

Pro-Shop Manager

Lisa Nondorf

Team/Staff Training Manager, Team Coach, Gym Warrior


Kaitlin Liebhold

Team Manager & Coach

Rachael Hauser

Xcel Team Manager

Tracey Rosenfeld

Team Coach, Tykes

Makayla Anderson

Team Coach

Allie Fortier

Team Coach

Elizabeth Walters

Team Coach

Grayce Tilley

Team Coach, Devo, Special Pops


Scott Nilles

Excel Coach

Yuki Matsushima

Devo, Tykes, Trampoline & Tumbling, Team Coach, Xcel Team Coach

Laine Anderson

Tykes, Events, Devo

Lanie Butler

Lanie Butler


Lauren Callin

Gym Warrior, Trampline & Tumbling

Alejandro Chavez

Events, GymWarrior, Summer Camp, & Tykes

Danny Chavez

Events, Summer Camp, & Tykes

Matt Cramer

Gym Warrior

Hailey Donhal


Heidi Droster

Heidi Droster

T&T & Tykes

Brianna Edmonston


Mallory Emerson

Devo, Events, Team Coach, & Tykes

Alissa Fischer


Angeline Flogel


Jamie Flogel

Tykes, Devo

Quinlyn Gramann

Rylie Gramann

Rylie Gramann

Devo & Events

Sophie Hammond


Sydney Hise

Camp, Events, Tykes, Devo, Gym Warrior, Trampoline & Tumbling

Beni Hess


Ellie Jordan

Ellie Jordan

Special pops

Tori Kildow

Devo, Tykes & Training Team

CJ Lamberty

Office assistant

Ava Murphy

Ava Murphy

Devo & Events

Maddie Nedelcoff

Devo & Events

Julien Nolan

Gym Warrior

Ishtar Nyawira

Office Assistant

Bree O' Malley

Tykes, Devo

Kelly Quirt

Kelly Quirt


Maddie Sowinski


Gabby VanDerWegan

Trampoline & Tumbling, Devo