Susan and Stephan G.

Our involvement in Gymfinity began approximately 8 years ago. Beginning with the parent/tot classes at age three. We found Gymfinity to be a wonderful place for our three children to get structured, physical activity through gymnastics and tumbling. Our daughters especially fell in love with the sport of gymnastics and have thus progressed tremendously through the years. We have found Gymfinity’s approach to teaching gymnastics nothing short of exceptional. With state-of-the-art equipment and well trained instructors, much emphasis is placed on gymnastics technique and measures to ensure safety. This certainly shows in how well the gymnasts perform in competition.

But Gymfinity’s philosophy goes beyond these physical development aspects, focusing also on building leadership and individual character skills. This is the key reason we have remained with Gymfinity all these years. We have comfort knowing Gymfinity s commitment to this philosophy is helping our daughters become good gymnasts, while also instilling in them the confidence and skills needed to ensure they grow into well-rounded, responsible adults.